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Dana World Contracting Co. WLL, as one of the leaders in fire Protection and industrial safety equipment. We provide the latest Technology and equipment allowing us to give our customer the best services Possible.

We also do a follow up on all clients to ensure that all equipment supplied is efficiently running and serviced on time. We have grown out of the need of ensuring safety and professional guidance to the public for safer and proper usage of all fire and industrial safety equipment.

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DANA is committed to minimizing waste by recycling and preventing or reducing pollution.

Automatic sprinkler systems

The sprinkler wire connects each automatic valve to the sprinkler timer or controller...


Fire Pumps/Sprinkler Systems

Fire pump and sprinkler inspecting, testing and maintenance done by...


Hydrant mains

A hydrant is an outlet from a fluid main often consisting of an upright pipe...


Wet and dry risers

Wet sprinkler systems are reliable, but certain situations call for options...


Kitchen hood fire suppression systems

Commercial restaurant kitchens are equipped with ranges, broilers, fryers...


Fire / Clean Agent Gas suppression System

Dana World also install Safety Hi-tech, Kidde, Hygood, Sapphire and...


Refilling of clean agent cylinders

The cylinder undergoes the fresh painting process by first, Static Charge...


Fire detection and alarm system

A fire alarm system has a number of devices working together to detect...


PA VA System

A public address system (PA system) is an electronic system comprising...


Refilling of fire Extinguishers

A Fire extinguisher is a passive product that needs to stay in a ready...


Cleaning Services

In order for our staff to achieve the highest standards it is important...


Scaffolding Services

We keep quality and durable equipment for ourhire fleet and qualified...


24 hour emergency call out

Our fire safety company offers 24-hour emergency service for your kitchen...

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