Fire Sprinkler System

Dana World Cont. Co offers all our customers peace of mind with fire sprinkler inspection and service. The most important factor in fire protection is equipment that is always in working order.

We provide valuable, life-saving inspections and maintenance on fire sprinkler systems of all kinds. We keep you in compliance with all NFPA codes and standards.

  • Fire pump and sprinkler inspecting, testing and maintenance done by local professionals
  • NFPA certification guaranteed on all fire sprinkler systems
  • Permit and insurance requirement fulfillment
  • Easy to schedule
  • Ongoing maintenance contracts available
  • All inspection paperwork kept on file

Maintaining your fire sprinkler systems with regular inspections and maintenance will ensure your systems will work when needed and maintain the integrity of the overall system. Based on the inspection frequency you need, our team is a great extension to your building maintenance team and can be your 24 emergency response team as well.

Design, Install, Service, and Inspect

We design your fire sprinkler system to function in any emergency. Upon installation of a fire sprinkler system, we test functionality and train you on any management needs. To keep your system ready for activation, we have assembled a round-the-clock technician team to provide immediate service and repair. We also offer fire sprinkler inspection programs as required by the latest national codes to our customers, ensuring the ongoing reliability of their fire protection systems. Our inspection programs are designed to meet your insurance and industry needs be it weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or yearly inspections.

Like all building systems, there is the potential of wear and tear on fire sprinkler systems from the sprinkler heads, covers, gauges, to pipe fittings and more. With regularly scheduled inspection and maintenance services we can address these or provide assistance as needed. We can help you replace your sprinkler heads and covers to match your current design on systems we designed or competitors. We have access to all major manufacturers sprinkler heads.

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