Kitchen Hood Suppression System

Commercial restaurant kitchens are equipped with ranges, broilers, fryers and ovens. These appliances, when combined with high temperatures and cooking oils, provide an ideal environment for fire. The best protection against restaurant fires is the installation of wet chemical restaurant suppression system.

Wet chemical systems have pre-determined flow rates and quantities of extinguishing agent, as well as the specific pipe sizes and number and types of nozzles prescribed by the manufacturer. It is vitally important to have these systems designed installed by a qualified fire protection contractor. Semi-annual inspections, including fusible link replacement, are also important factors to ensure proper operation in the event of a fire.

Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

Restaurants face higher risks of fire emergencies than many other industries. A fire emergency can occur at any time, so it is essential to make sure your commercial kitchen’s fire suppression system is always operating optimally to ensure your restaurant will not go up in flames. Scheduling a routine inspection, testing, maintenance, and repair service is a must to protect any commercial kitchen from a fire emergency.

Our fire safety company offers 24-hour emergency service for your kitchen fire suppression system to ensure your restaurant is safe around the clock. Whether you need a kitchen fire suppression system repair or a restaurant fire protection system inspection in all over QATAT, contact Dana World Cont. Co to schedule your emergency kitchen inspection service.

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