Odyssey Intelligent Manual Call Point

The Odysey intelligent Manual Call point has been designed to operate on a loop of intelligent fire detection devices and when activated interrupts the polling cycle for a very fast response.

The Manual Call Point is intended for indoor applications and comes complete with a short circuit isolator.

The Odyssey intelligent Manual Call Points come complete with the following key features:

  • Resettable operating element
  • Easy access, front reset mechanism
  • Front facing addressing
  • E-Z fit connector system for installation
  • Ergonomic reset key and keyring hole
  • EN54-11Certified
  • 170° viewable LED
  • Continunity link for cable insulation testing
  • Suitable for flush or surface mounting

The Odyssey Manual Call Point will operate only with control equipment using the Odyssey digital protocol.

The Odyssey Manual Call Point is loop powered and operates at 17-28V DC for all variants.

The component parts of the call point are moulded in a robust fire retardant polycarbonate.

The address of each call point is set at the commissioning stage by means of a seven segment DIL switch. The address switch is accessible without removing the call point from the mounting surface.

A red alarm LED is provided on the call point. This LED is controlledindependently of the call point, by the control panel.

Once activated, the Odyssey Manual Call Point can be reset by inserting the reset key into the front facing LED, turning clockwise until a positive click and reset occurs.

The Odyssey Manual Call Point incorporates a short circuit isolator which will ensure its operation in the event of a short circuit fault on the loop. Isolator operation is indicated by a yellow LED. For further details of the isolator refer to data sheet PP2090, available on request.

This Manual Call Point helps reduce installation time as all the initial installation cabling is wired to a removable terminal block which fits neatly in the back of the Call Point.

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