Odyssey Intelligent Heat Detector

The Odyssey Intelligent heat detectors have a common profile with ionisation and optical smoke detectors but have a low air flow resistance case made of self- extinguishing white polycarbonate. The devices monitor heat by using a single thermistor network which provides a voltage output proportional to the external air temperature.

The standard heat detector, 200-501 respond’s to increasing air temperature in such a way that it is classified as an A2S device. See Fig.13.

This device will give 55 counts at 55°C. A high temperature CS heat detector, 200-502, which can be installed in a typical ambient temperature of 55 degrees is available. See fig 14. This device will give 55 counts at 90 degrees.

The detectors are designed to be connected to a two wire loop circuit carrying both data and a 17V to 28V dc supply. The detectors are connected to the incoming and outgoing supply via terminals L1 and L2 in the mounting base. A remote LED indicator requiring not more than 4mA at 5V may be connected between +R and -R terminals. An earth connection terminal is also provided.

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