Intelligent Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panel

Odyssey is an Intelligent Analogue Addressable Fire Alarm system.The Control panel that is available in 1 or 2 loop options.The Odyssey Panel comes packed with features designed to make itversatile, easy to install, easy to operate and easy to commission.

The Panel is suitable for small to medium sized fire detection systems and is compatible with Odyssey Series detectors.

Programming the Odssey panel is easily achieved via the front control panel or by using Odyssey configuration software Loop Master.

Loop Master is an intuitive Windows™ based software that can be installed on laptops. The laptop software that can be installed on laptops. The laptop is easily connected to the FACP via the USB or RS232 communication ports located on the panel’s main termination board.

Odyssey supports a range of internal and external optional Panels add-ons:

Internal Panel Add-ons
  • 8-way relay board
  • 8-way sounder board
  • 8 Zone conventional board
  • Front panel mounted printer
External Panel Add-ons
  • SmartTerminal (LCD Annunciator)
  • 8-way relay board

A number of communication ports are also available including

  • Parallel printer port
  • Serial printer port
  • PC interface port — RS232 and USB
  • RS485 serial port


  • 1 or 2 Loop Fire Alarm Control Panel
  • 500mA Loop Current
  • 4 Programmable Inputs
  • 4 Programmable Sounder Circuits
  • 3 Programmable Relays
  • 2 Programmable Open Collector Outputs
  • Clear back-lit 40x4 line LCD
  • Supports a range of panel add-ons
  • Integrated 32-Zone Indication LED/s
  • Programmable via front panel
  • Removable front door
  • Removable Chassis (metalversiiononly)
  • Comprehensive lopp monitoring diagnostics support
  • Fully EN52-2 and EN54-2approved

Additional Features

  • Comprehensive Auto learn function
  • Plug in key for 2nd loop enabling
  • Supports up to thirty SmartTerminal LCDA's.
  • Advanced balanced loop receive circuitry for highly effective common mode noise rejection
  • Single-Ended and Redundant loop configuration capabilities
  • Loop Statistics tool support for loop poll monitoring and loop noise level
  • Sounder synchronisation across loops
  • Walk test and silent walk test modes for zones
  • Device locator LED test
  • Dirty devices tool support for displaying and scrolling through dirty devices.
  • Events upload via PC configuration tool. Exportable to html and can be imported into Excel spreadsheet
  • Segmented log events storing a total of 1000 events in 8 separate event segments for fire, fault, pre-alarm, emergency, security, user, system, and disable events
  • Day/night modes incorporating Normal, Investigation Dependencies Al B and C and delays to outputs
  • PC wizard for downloading and uploading Boot, Application and configuration files
  • Support for up to 999 programmable zones
  • Cause & Effect programming
  • Intuitive resolve configuration wizards for extra, mismatched and missing devices

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