Fire Alarm & detection system

Fire alarm systems are used to provide notification to building occupants, notify local first responders or interface with various other life safety and building systems by use of automatic detection and manual means of activation during an emergency.

Whether a commercial office space or a residential environment, an effective fire detection and alarm system is vital for the ongoing safety of everyone within the premises not to mention a legal requirement.

Dana World provide a comprehensive range of fire detection and alarm systems including conventional fire alarm systems, analogue addressable fire alarm systems.

Below is a list of services that we provide with the maintenance agreement or we can do as a service call to you

  • A complete inspection of the fire alarm system control panel(s)
  • Inspection to ensure proper zone/Loop operation
  • Inspect all manual pull stations
  • Inspect all initiating detectors
  • Inspect all 3rd party equipment interface with fire alarm system
  • Inspect sprinkler water flow alarms
  • Inspect and text audible alarm bells
  • Inspect and confirm that the system’s power supplies including battery back-ups are functioning, Any defect found will be noted and sent to your attention with a cost quotation for repairs and re-certification

A few examples of the systems we work with:

  • Notifier By Honeywell
  • Fire-Lite Alarms By Honeywell
  • Simplex
  • EST
  • Autronica
  • Gent By Honeywell
  • Apollo – Kentec
  • VES
  • Hochiki
  • Ziton
  • Zeta
  • GST

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