About us

Dana World Contracting Co. WLL, as one of the leaders in fire Protection and industrial safety equipment. We provide the latest Technology and equipment allowing us to give our customer the best services Possible. We also do a follow up on all clients to ensure that all equipment supplied is efficiently running and serviced on time. We have grown out of the need of ensuring safety and professional guidance to the public for safer and proper usage of all fire and industrial safety equipment.

Specializing in all aspects of fire safety within your premises, DANA WORLD focus on the satisfaction and safety of our customers, providing a comprehensive after-sales care service.

Being able to offer complete fire safety products and services, from fire alarm, fire protections to training and risk assessments, means that we can tailor our services to the specific needs of each premises. Get in touch today for a free site survey and quotation.

Whatever the nature of your business, the technicians at Dana World are on hand to ensure that your premises stay safe and in full compliance with all legal requirements.

Our Mission

It's the policy of the company to provide customer with products and services which achieve and sustain the highest possible quality standards. This statement is the basis of our management philosophy and reflects the commitment of every individual within the organization.

Quality Policy

Exceeding standards with efficient design when it comes to safeguarding your people and property from fire, it’s always good to know you have an exceptional fire protection system in place.

Qualified Engineers

To ensure you receive the quality service you expect, we train our engineers beyond NFPA standards and competencies to include valuable construction design and management skills.

Working on major projects throughout the QATAR, our engineers are fully experienced in designing commercial sprinkler systems, water mist, wet and dry riser systems, and hydrant Systems, and domestic and residential sprinkler systems. So, whatever your needs, you can feel confident our employees have the knowledge to implement the most suitable solution.

Acting Responsibly

Protecting the environment is in everyone’s interest. That’s why DANA is committed to minimizing waste by recycling and preventing or reducing pollution. For example, a recent review of our transport has significantly reduced CO2 emissions.

By continually improving systems throughout the company, we aim to enhance our sustainability for the mutual benefit of the environment, clients, and public alike.

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