EVTG-32E24 Volt 32 Tone Spatial Sounder EN 54 Part 3 Approved

This sounder has been fully approved to EN 54 Part 3 by the LPCB on tones 1, 8, 11, 25 and 27.

All the standard features are retained including the facility to select from three volume settings via the DIL switch. This allows individual sounders to be retro-converted to high output devices where additional sound output is required.

Tones are selected via the DIL switch on the PCB. By using 3-wires, a second stage alarm may be switched so that the second tone will over-ride the selected tone.

Standard with all EVTG products is a universal locking system. Utilising an industry standard grub screw, each EVTG product may be locked in place, making EVTG fully compliant with the latest requirements of British and European standards.

Quick fit mounting is achieved by the bayonet fixing arrangement on each base and is standard on both base variants. The deep mounting base features a throw-away cover plate for surface mount wiring. This is kept in place when wiring directly through into the rear of the product

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